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Aligned & Limitless

Create the successful, adventurous, fulfilling life you KNOW you were destined for through the power of journaling!

If you are ready to…

  • Finally get out of your own way and ditch anxiety, negative thought patterns, and self-sabotage
  • Feel more ease and confidence
  • Experience more creativity, productivity, and focus
  • Take inspired, needle-moving action toward your goals
  • Intentionally create an extraordinary life that sets your soul on fire...

...Aligned & Limitless is for YOU!

Hey there, I'm Julia...

Creator of Aligned Adventure, Mountain Girl & Transformational Coach

In 2017, a serious health scare gave me a new lease on life - but my mind still spiraled with anxiety 24/7. I knew deep down I was meant for a bigger, juicier, more fulfilling and adventurous life - but my brain was seriously getting in my way.

A year later I still felt stuck, so I hired a coach who helped me develop a powerful daily journaling practice. After just a few short weeks I'd ditched my negative thinking patterns and was well on my way to completely transforming my life. In less than 18 months, I'd tripled my income, traveled extensively all over the US and abroad, and had built a stronger connection in my marriage than ever.

Since then I have made it my mission to empower ambitious women like you - who know they are meant for MORE - to manifest a life wilder than they ever imagined.

Ready to finally get out of your own way and make 2023

your most extraordinary year ever??

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